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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Consulting, Auditing and Implementation

No business can plan an effective SEO strategy without knowing what hurdles must be overcome in their current SEO and Website Performance environments. Our consulting and auditing give’s you specific strategies for what needs to happen now and what can be built over time. With this information you can decide what services you can perform in-house and what services you may need a digital marketing agency to provide.

The definition of SEO is optimizing your digital presence to gain more and/or better qualified clicks from search engines. The factors that determine rankings include content, site quality, mobile responsiveness, major citations, inbound links, conversion rates, and user experience measured by behavioral KPIs through browser data.

Organic rankings are no longer only about keywords and links but also user satisfaction metrics showing high correlation to the specific searches performed. Competitive digital fields must take website code health and user experience, even conversion rates, into account when optimizing for search engine traffic potential which includes not only organic rankings but also PPC positioning which can be costlier based on site quality and content relevance.


Keyword Research and Targeting

  • Keyword Research: Determine high volume, high intent keywords with high and low competition levels to craft an effective keyword strategy.
  • Long-Tail and Location Based Keyword Targeting: Targeting long-tail keywords and geo-specific terms to capture highly relevant traffic and improve local search visibility.
  • Competitive Gap Keyword Research: Conducting in-depth keyword research to uncover gaps in competitors’ strategies and capitalize on untapped keyword opportunities.
  • URL to Keyword Mapping for Page Keyword Emphasis: Mapping keywords to specific URLs to optimize page content and emphasize target keywords for improved search engine rankings.


On-Page SEO

  • Optimize Titles and Descriptions: Crafting compelling and keyword-rich titles and meta descriptions that enhance click-through rates and improve search engine visibility.
  • Optimize H1 Tags and Sub Headers: Structuring headings and subheadings strategically with relevant keywords to improve content organization and readability while signaling importance to search engines.
  • Create Strategic Keyword-Driven Content: Developing high-quality, keyword-focused content that resonates with your target audience and aligns with search intent to drive organic traffic and engagement.


Technical SEO

  • Analyze Page Speed Issues: Conducting comprehensive audits to identify and address page speed issues that may impact user experience and search engine rankings.
  • Communicate Page Speed Fixes with Developers: Collaborating with developers to implement necessary optimizations and enhancements to improve site performance.
  • Optimize Site for Search Engine Crawlers: Ensuring website architecture and coding practices adhere to best practices for search engine crawlability and indexing.
  • SEO-Friendly URL Replacement: Implementing keyword-rich and user-friendly URLs to enhance search engine visibility and improve user experience.
  • Schema Markup Implementation: Utilize structured data markup (Schema.org) to provide search engines with additional context about the content on the website, improving the likelihood of rich snippets appearing in search results.


User Experience Design for SEO

  • Mobile Responsiveness Enhancement: Ensure website design and layout are responsive and compatible with various mobile devices and screen sizes.
    Implement mobile-first design principles to optimize user experience and improve mobile search rankings.
  • Continuous UX Testing and Optimization: Ensuring your website is maximizing the engagement rates and key behavior metrics such as bounce rates, scroll depth, and time spent on pages which the search engines analyze to determine user satisfaction.


Off-Page SEO

  • Amplify Content Through Social Channels and Directory Profiles: Leveraging social media platforms and directory listings, such as Google My Business, to amplify content reach and increase brand visibility.
  • Optimize Major Directory Listings, Social Profiles, and Influencer Properties: Optimizing directory listings, social profiles, and influencer collaborations to strengthen brand authority and enhance local search presence.
  • Inbound Link Strategy : Develop strategy to find existing link opportunities and create new inbound links organically.


Data Analytics

  • Analyze Site Metrics for Problems and Opportunities: Utilizing data analysis to identify areas of improvement and capitalize on opportunities for enhancing SEO performance.
  • Custom Events Tracking in Google Analytics or Your Analytics Program: Implementing custom event tracking to capture relevant user interactions and behavior data for informed decision-making.
  • Pinpoint Data-Driven SEO Strategies for Implementation: Developing actionable SEO strategies based on data insights to drive measurable results and achieve business objectives.



SEO services for Regions Behavioral Hospital

Director of SEO/UX at Click Here Digital, a Google Premier Partner Agency

SEO for through Red Six Media for MobilOps, a Turner Industries software

SEO for through Red Six Media for Stiver Engineering

SEO services for clients of SiteTuners, a national conversion rate optimization agency

Organic Search Engine Manager at ShoppersChoice.com aka BBQ Guys

SEO services for Abraxsys Corp LCD manufacturer

SEO services as Marketing Manager for Vartech Systems LCD manufacturer

Began SEO career in 1999 with Insider Labs