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Expertise + Experience

Worth Powers offers 27 Years Experience in SEO, Web Design & Development, Lead Conversion Optimization, and Data Analytics for well-known Baton Rouge Companies and Digital Marketing Agencies


Web Design and Development

Web Design & Development

WP delivers fully responsive, truly effiecient, effective, stylish, blazingly fast, custom websites (on or off the WordPress platform) which effeciently nurture users ultimately towards the desired conversion.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Comprehensive ongoing SEO plans incorporating your entire digital presence. Expert consulting, auditing and implementation will ensure a path for sustained organic rankings improvement and growth.

Website Performance, UX, CRO

Website Performance

User Experience (UX) design and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) will improve your company website's speed and structure for maximizing lead generation and measurable goal conversions.

Digital Marketing

Data Driven Digital Marketing

Digital advertising campaigns built on experience, expertise, and data. WP understands how to create the strategies and utilize technology to reach your target audiences for maximum ROI.


“Counting yourself (who is far and away the BEST SEO person we've ever had - on or off-site), your team is all smart, articulate, and communicate well. It's far and away the most comfortable and best I've ever felt about what we bring to the table for SEO. “
National Google Premiere Partners Agency, President and Chief Strategy Officer
“His expertise in user-centric web design and digital marketing, particularly in SEO, has increased my key metrics across the board. Worth has a deep understanding of the web development and marketing landscapes and crafted tailored strategies to enhance my visibility in Google as well as increasing lead conversions once the visitors reach my site through Worth’s design improvements!”
Small Business Owner
“Your experience, your wisdom, your knowledge- it is unsurpassed. I would not be where I am today had it not been for you. I feel like my understanding of SEO is so much better than the new guys because of the exceptional one-on-one training and work related conversations I had with you before we started to get big as a department.“
Former Employee in Agency SEO department

What to Expect

Pricing varies based on needs and urgency but typically ranges between $100 to $175 per hour. Creatives and video production run higher.

You will meet and talk to me, Worth Powers. Probably at your office, a coffee shop, and/or on video chat. I will learn about your business, your goals and discuss problems with the current methods.

I will propose strategies inline with your business goals. I will be the one planning and coding your site. I do occasionally use design partners with more artistic talent than myself for initial web design mockups and creatives such as logos, infographics, video production, podcast recording, etc…

Transparency. I will be honest with you about what strategies I feel are more likely to move the needle and why. I will give you my experienced opinion about the possible effectiveness of your strategic proposals. I won’t just agree with your idea in order to get paid to implement it.

I get higher ROI for my clients and the kinds of results that make my clients advocates for my services. My clients don’t wonder if I actually did anything tangible or measurably better.