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Digital Marketing & Data Analytics

Experienced Consulting and Management for Paid Search & Display Advertising, Social Media, and beneficial Marketing Technologies

Leverage our over 20 years of digital marketing experience. Our digital advertising campaigns and optimizations are built on experience, research, analysis and implementation. We understand how to build the strategy and technology to reach your target audiences using a budget strategy that ensures you achieve greater ROI.

New marketing strategies are being tested and implemented everyday to help businesses reach their digital goals. Whether it’s paid search or social advertising , higher search rankings, web design tweaks for higher conversions or deeper integration in social media, we can help you navigate the the full digital marketing landscape.

Digital Marketing
Paid Search and Banner Display Campaigns

Unlock the full potential of your paid search and banner display campaigns with our comprehensive suite of services tailored to maximize your ROI:

  • Click to Conversion Valuation: We meticulously determine the value of each click in relation to conversions for every ad group, ensuring your ad spend is allocated efficiently for optimal results.

  • Website Optimization for AdWords Quality Rating: Enhance your AdWords Quality Score by optimizing keyword-to-page relevance on your website, a critical factor in lowering your Cost Per Click (CPC) and improving ad performance.

  • Bounce Rate and Keyword Relevancy Inspection: Our expert analysis delves into bounce rates and keyword-to-page relevancy, identifying opportunities to trim budget fat and lower CPC per keyword, thereby maximizing your campaign’s effectiveness.

  • Paid Traffic Analytics Benchmarking: Gain actionable insights through rigorous benchmarking, analysis, and follow-up of your paid traffic analytics. We track and analyze key performance indicators to ensure your campaigns are continuously optimized for success.

Empower your paid search and banner display campaigns with data-driven strategies that drive results. Partner with us today to elevate your digital advertising efforts and achieve your business goals.

Social Media Advertising Creation and Management
  • Comprehensive Advertising Strategy Development: Crafting customized advertising strategies tailored to your brand’s objectives and target audience, ensuring maximum reach and engagement across social media and streaming media platforms.
  • Creative Content Creation: Developing captivating ad creatives, including images, videos, and copywriting, optimized for each platform to drive user engagement and conversions.
  • Ad Campaign Management: End-to-end management of social media ad campaigns, including ad placement, budget allocation, and performance monitoring to maximize ROI.
  • Audience Targeting and Optimization: Utilizing advanced audience targeting tools and techniques to reach your ideal customers with precision, optimizing ad performance and driving higher conversion rates.
  • Influencer Partnership Management: Identifying and collaborating with relevant influencers to amplify your brand’s message and reach a wider audience through authentic endorsements and sponsored content.
  • Performance Analytics and Reporting: Providing detailed analytics and regular reports on ad performance metrics, including reach, engagement, and conversions, to track progress and inform future strategy adjustments.
  • Continuous Optimization and Testing: Iteratively optimizing ad campaigns based on performance data and A/B testing to improve effectiveness and drive continuous growth and success.
  • Strategic Consultation and Guidance: Offering expert consultation and guidance on social media and streaming media advertising best practices, industry trends, and emerging opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.
Leverage Web Automation and Visitor Personalization
WP will utilize web automation software tools and technologies to streamline and automate various aspects of marketing efforts on your website. This encompasses optimizing lead generation, content generation, content targeting, and lead nurturing for faster automated responses for increased engagement. By leveraging automation, your business can effectively scale marketing efforts, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall user experience.
  • Personalize interactions with visitors using data-driven insights and segmentation, delivering tailored content, offers, and recommendations.
  • Foster stronger relationships with prospects and customers, increasing engagement.
  • Optimize conversion funnel by automating tasks like email follow-ups, lead scoring, A/B testing, and content production through AI.
  • Analyze user interactions and behavior patterns to identify areas for improvement and increase conversion rates.
  • Facilitate seamless integration with other marketing channels and platforms for a cohesive approach with multiple touch points.

Marketing Data Analytics Consulting and Management

At WP, we specialize in providing comprehensive customer journey analytics services to empower businesses with valuable insights into their digital buying journey. Our dedicated team of experts utilizes cutting-edge 

tools and technologies to collect and analyze data metrics, uncovering opportunities, identifying problems, mitigating threats, and amplifying successes along the customer journey. With a focus on building data-driven strategies, we aim to not only increase revenue but also enhance customer retention for sustainable growth.

  • Data Collection: We employ advanced techniques to gather data from various touchpoints across the customer journey, including website interactions, social media engagements, email interactions, and more.

  • Data Analysis: Our team conducts in-depth analysis of the collected data metrics to gain actionable insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and pain points throughout the buying journey.

  • Opportunity Identification: By leveraging sophisticated analytics tools, we identify untapped opportunities for improvement and optimization within the customer journey, enabling businesses to capitalize on growth potential.

  • Problem Resolution: We pinpoint any bottlenecks or issues hindering the smooth progression of the customer journey and devise strategies to address them effectively, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

  • Threat Mitigation: Through proactive monitoring and analysis, we identify potential threats to customer satisfaction and loyalty, enabling businesses to implement preemptive measures to mitigate risks and safeguard their reputation.

  • Success Amplification: Building upon existing successes, we develop strategies to amplify positive experiences along the customer journey, fostering brand advocacy and driving repeat business.

  • Data-Driven Strategies: Our recommendations are rooted in data-driven insights, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and tailor their marketing, sales, and customer service efforts for maximum impact.

  • Revenue and Retention Focus: With a primary focus on increasing revenue and enhancing customer retention, our customer journey analytics services are designed to deliver tangible results and long-term growth for our clients.