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SEO + Website Performance

Consulting & Auditing

No business can plan an effective SEO strategy without knowing what hurdles must be overcome in their current SEO and Website Performance environments. Our consulting and auditing give's you specific strategies for what needs to happen now and what can be built over time. With this information you can decide what services you can perform in-house and what services you may need a digital marketing agency to provide. MORE DETAILS

Service Capabilities

The definition of SEO is optimizing your digital presence to gain more and/or better qualified clicks from search engines. The factors that determine rankings include content, site quality, mobile responsivity, major citaions, inbound links, conversion rates, and user experience measured by behavioral KPIs through browser data.

Organic rankings are no longer only about keywords and links but also user satisfaction metrics showing high coorelation to the specific searches performed. Competitive digital fields must take website code health and user experience, even conversion rates, into account when optimizing for search engine traffic potential which includes not only organic rankings but also PPC positioning which can be costlier based on site quality and content relevance. MORE DETAILS

SEO and UX / Conversion Optimization Consulting & Auditing


  • In-Depth Rankings Analysis for Google SERP opportunities and threats
  • Keyword Research and Competitive GAP Analysis
  • Content Marketing Analysis, Strategy and Roadmap
  • Technical SEO Audit for SEO blockers, bad directives, missing pages, missing scripts, improper canonicalization, and redirects
  • Social Media, Major Directories, Google My Business, Citations, and Inbound Links Profile audit for consistency and optimization

WebSite Performance EXPERTISE

  • Analyze Site Data Metrics for issues and opportunities
  • Website Lead Funnel Analysis for Conversion Optimization
  • In-Depth Website Technical Inspection for Site Speed, Code Validity, Script Compatibility, Optimal Infrastructure
  • Content SWOT Analysis, Strategy and Roadmap
  • UX Design Analysis for Conversion Optimizations with Mock Ups

SEO and UX/CRO Packages


  • On-Page SEO
    • Optimize titles and descriptions
    • Optimize h1 tags and sub headers
    • Create strategic keyword-driven content
  • Technical SEO
    • Analyze Page Speed issues
    • Communicate Page Speed fixes with developers
    • Optimize site for search engine crawlers
    • SEO friendly URL replacement
    • Optimize Schema to bolster search engine trust
  • Off-Page SEO
    • Amplify content through social channels and directory profiles like GMB
    • Optimize major directory listings, social profiles and influencer properties like GMB.
  • Data Analytics
    • Analyze site metrics for problems and opportunities
    • Custom Events Tracking in Google Analytics or your Analytics program
    • Pin point data-driven SEO strategies for implementation
  • Expanded Keyword Targeting
    • Longtail and organic GEO targeting
    • Competitive Gap keyword research
    • URL to Keyword mapping for page keyword emphasis
  • Website Quality Audit
    • Audit Site Structure for SEO prioritization and strategy
    • Audit HTML, CSS and Scripts for code validity
    • Erradicate missing page errors, orphan pages, and missing page elements
  • Conversion Funnel Optimization
    • Examine site for opportunities to improve the User Experience
    • UX design change proposals
    • Script implementation for marketing automation, A/B testing, and personalization
    • Conversion goal tracking setup and analysis
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