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SEO, UX/Conversion Rate Optimization Auditing

A company can't know where it is going if it doesn't know where it is at. Our auditing give's you an idea of what needs to happen now and what can be built over time. With this information you can decide what services you can perform in-house and what services you may need a digital marketing profession to implement.

SEO and UX / Conversion Optimization Audits

Full SEO Audit

  • Special Pricing for Multi-site Auditing or Monthly Contracts
  • In-Depth Rankings Analysis for Google SERP opportunities and threats
  • Keyword Research and Competitive GAP Analysis
  • Content Marketing Analysis, Strategy and Roadmap
  • Technical SEO Audit for SEO blockers, bad directives, missing pages, missing scripts, improper canonicalization, and redirects
  • Social Media, Major Directories, Google My Business, Citations, and Inbound Links Profile audit for consistency and optimization

UX / Conversion Audit

  • Special Pricing for Multi-Site Auditing or Monthly Contracts
  • Analyze Site Data Metrics for issues and opportunities
  • Website Lead Funnel Analysis for Conversion Optimization
  • In-Depth Website Technical Inspection for Site Speed, Code Validity, Script Compatibility, Optimal Infrastructure
  • Content SWOT Analysis, Strategy and Roadmap
  • UX Design Analysis for Conversion Optimizations with Mock Ups
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