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Digital Marketing, SEO, UX/Conversion Optimization Services and Consulting

Digital Marketing, Website Optimization & Design Services: Auditing, Strategy, Implementation

Digital marketing success and organic rankings are no longer only about keywords and inbound links alone but now includes the user's experience and increasing the likelihood of a customer conversion. Google utilizes Chrome user satisfaction metrics down to specific searches performed and uses this data in it's paid and organic ranking algorithms. Site functionality and user experience greatly effect a site's search engine success potential which includes not only organic rankings but also Paid Search positioning which can be costlier or cheaper based on site quality, user metrics and content relevance.

Website Optimization Consultation Areas, Inspections, Tune-Ups and Roadmaps

Website and UX Design Consulting Services and Audits

  • User Experience (UX) Best Practices for Conversions
  • Site Architecture for User Experience and SEO potential
  • Core Design Principles for Conversions
  • Road Map for Suggested Changes
  • Responsive Re-Design
  • Complete Website Design


Site Speed, Backend Code and Technical SEO Services and Audits

  • Full Site Speed Audit for Optimizations
  • Search Engine Crawler Accessibility and Optimization
  • HTML and Script Compatibility
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Level 1(A), 2(AA), and 3(AAA) Conformance Consultation
  • See our mobile speed score on Google Page Speed Insights


Content Marketing and SEO Keyword Optimization Services

  • InDepth Keyword Research
  • Competitive Keyword Gap Analysis Research
  • SEO Tags Optimization (title, description, h1, etc..)
  • Production Process and Amplification Roadmap
  • Local Maps Listing Analysis for Optimization and Rankings
  • Copywriting, Graphic Design and Video Content Creation


Analytics Analysis for Conversion Rate Optimization Services and Audits

  • Google Tag Manager Implementation (if needed)
  • SEO Key Performance Indicators
  • User Experience Behavior Metrics Analysis
  • Custom Call to Action Events and Goals Set Up
  • KPI Dashboard Set-Up


Digital Marketing Systems and Process Inspections, Tune-Ups and Roadmaps

Paid AdWords Search Campaign Inspections and Recommendations

  • Determine Click to Conversion Valuation per Ad Group
  • Website Optimization for Keyword to Page AdWords Quality Rating which is a factor in your Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Bounce Rate / Keyword to Page Relevancy Inspection (to trim budget fat and lower the CPC per keyword)
  • Paid Traffic Analytics Benchmarking, Analysis, and Follow Up



Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management, Major Business Listings Optimization

  • Social Media Ad Creation and Placement Management
  • Social Media Profile Management and Optimization
  • Audit and Roadmap for Key Influencers starting with Google My Business
  • Audit and Roadmap for Social Media Channels
  • Analysis of Content Integration Opportunities in Influencer and Social Media Properties
  • Site Structured Data (aka Schema) Analysis for Rich Snippets Potential and Roadmap


Common Specialty Technical Marketing Related Custom Services:

Website Migrations, Domain Switching and/or HTTPS Implementation Consultation - Let us oversee and run checks for successful domain setups, website migrations, and https website encrytion implementation which can certainly effect your SEO and UX if not done properly.

Local Maps Listing Analysis for Optimization and Rankings  - Available Influencer channel and client website optimizations for targeting local traffic and local maps listings.

Website Marketing Automation - Conditions based on-site advertising

Personalized Content - Conditions and identifier based content or advertising

Vertical Vendor Platform Website Design and Functionality Enhancement - extend vertical specific platform website capabilities through scripting

Mobile Friendly Website Conversion - Convert Website to Mobile Friendly Design

A/B Testing Set-Ups and Tracking -No one knows your business like you do and you want to experiment. We've been at this since the 90's so it might be advantageous to hire us to handle the strategic implementation so your resulting data will solid.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Conformance - Level 1(A), 2(AA), and 3(AAA) Conformance Roadmap and Implementation


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